Frequently asked questions

How does the sizing work?

We offer three sizes: small, medium and large. Generally, the SMALL size fits toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 3 years old. The child's head should measure (from the forehead, above the ears to the back of the head) 18-19.5 inches. Generally, the MEDIUM size fits school age children from age 4 up to the age of 8. Occasionally, adults will purchase this size for themselves if they have a smaller head. The head should measure (from the forehead, above the ears to the back of the head) 20-21 inches. Generally, the LARGE size fits most adults and children ages 8 or older. The head should measure (from the forehead, above the ears to the back of the head) 21.5-23 inches. If you made your purchase and the beanie fits loose, we suggest rolling it once or twice. If you're head measures larger than 23 inches, please message us and request a special order.

Can I return or exchange my beanie?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Send us a message if you'd like to return or exchange.

How do I care for my beanie?

Our beanies are all preshrunk. However, we suggest that you wash cold on a gentle cycle or hand wash them and then dry flat.

My child has been diagnosed with cancer. How do I get his/her free beanie?

At this time, our free beanie offer only applies to children in Canada. If your child has been diagnosed with cancer in the last 5 years, we would love to send him/her a free beanie. Please message us and let us know which hospital your child is being treated at. We will send you a coupon code so that you can redeem the free beanie with free shipping.

What's the difference between a lined beanie and an unlined beanie?

The unlined beanies are made of one layer of fabric and are not reversible. They are great for warmer weather- even summer months as they are lightweight. The lined beanies are made of two layers- and often the second layer (the inside layer) is a different colour than the outer layer. They can often be flipped inside out and worn on the reverse side- so it's like getting 2 hats for the price of 1.

Why did you add the clause to your Buy One GIVE one motto?

We are adding the clause “When you spend $25, we give a product to a child with cancer” to our “Buy one GIVE one” motto. How does this change things? Well, for the most part, not too much has changed. 99% of our online customers already spend $25 on their purchase. The main thing this will affect is our headband purchases. Now, you will need to purchase two headbands to donate a product. When you purchase a slouchy beanie, another slouchy beanie will still be donated to a child with cancer (or a headband or a picc sleeve might be donated instead). Why this change? First of all, the majority of our donations to kids with cancer are slouchy beanies, not headbands. Our mission began with slouchy beanies and they are our most popular product amongst cancer patients. The second reason is simply sustainability. Our headbands cost us the same amount of money to produce as our beanies, but the price we charge is significantly cheaper. Because of this, we either have to nearly double the price of our headbands or adjust the amount of headbands we donate. Were you not sustainable before? Well, not exactly! But if you know us, we lead with our hearts and hope that things will figure themselves out later. And here we find ourselves, later! We’re thankful for all the financial donations we’ve been given these last three years to help us balance it all out. But we also hope to not have to rely on donations to keep things running in the future. How do we decide what item we will be donating? We donate according to the needs and requests of the recipients of the beanies. For instance, when we give a promo code for free products from our website, a child with cancer might choose a slouchy beanie. Another day, we might send a large donation of PICC sleeves to a hospital that has requested them for their childhood cancer patients. What if my purchase is less than $25? Will that be added to another person’s dollar amount to equal a donated product? No, the purchase must be $25 in order to donate a product. We will use extra funds to donate to our favourite charities and foundations that support families dealing with childhood cancer.

Are you a charity?

In 2020, we attempted to register Booboo’s Beanies as a charity, only to discover that when you sell products like we do, you don’t qualify as a charity. We then decided to register as a business and did so the same year. We have a unique business model that turns what would be profits into donations so that we can support children with cancer.